We provide scalable accounting services for businesses of all sizes. Call us today for a free consultation to find out how we can help. Mecham, Dicus and Company is you premier choice for Accounting services whether you are here locally in the Las Vegas area or anywhere in the world. If you are looking for an experienced US based firm, then look no further.


We provide a comprehensive range of services in the areas of financial management, operations, risk management, strategy and technology. We offer a customized approach to our services that's based on your needs. Additional business services include: Bookkeeping, CFO Services, Cash Flow Management, Strategic Business Planning, Tax Strategies, and more.


We can assist in managing and minimizing all aspects of our client's tax liability, including, but not limited to, Federal, State and transfer taxes. Advance planning results in substantial benefits and allows time for developing alternative tax strategies. We also provide businesses period-end closing, financial statement preparation and budgeting on scheduled.

Bookkeeping Services for Small Business in Auburn, WA; Detailed Recording of Ledger Books, Compliance & More

Does your business need help maintaining and keeping better track of the books? One of the first steps in accounting is maintaining the business books to ensure the all of the financial data is correct. For those who find that they need help keeping better track of their books, Mecham Dicus & Company will share…

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Hiring an Accountant for Small Business in La Crosse, WI; Daily Duties, What to Look for, When You Need & More

Worrying about your cash flows, books and your taxes doesn’t have to be a concern. A good accountant does all of that for you. Things can easily spiral out of control when small business owners feel the stress over their business’ financial standing. With a professional accountant’s help, you can put your business in a…

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Importance of Forecasting Actuals in Taylorsville, UT; Analysis of Financial Statements, Statistical Methods & More

Monitoring and tracking your business over time is crucial to achieving your long term profit goals and business growth. To look at your business numbers requires discipline and asking the right questions. Mecham Dicus & Company would like to share what questions you should be asking yourself as well as why and how to forecast…

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How to Reduce Your Unemployment Insurance Tax Rate in Sunrise Manor, NV; Work Sharing Program & More

You should not wait until tax season rolls around to be concerned about your unemployment tax rate. You can face budgetary surprises, which leaves you scrambling when you fail to anticipate changes. Many companies consider it a cost of doing business and don’t think they have control because UI is one of the highest employer…

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Importance of Ethics in Accounting & Avoiding Unethical Practices in Yakima, WA; Less Dilemma, Greater Security & More

The ethics of accounting are important to uphold and ensure that your business maintains its reputation and financial stability, no matter if you handle the small business’s books yourself, or hire a professional from Mecham Dicus & Company. With ethical accounting practices, our clients have qualified professionals working for their company. If you resort to…

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Tax & IRS Myths in Sacramento, CA – Taxation is Not Voluntary, Filing Taxes as a College Student & More

When you are in a crowd there are certain topics that bring about more differences in opinion than others. If you are discussing family vacations, your children’s achievements, or the latest hit movie everyone is bound to jump into the conversation with ease. Bring up politics, taxes, in-laws, or religion and the conversations can become…

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Scheduling Payroll in Millcreek, UT; Calculate Cash Flow for Weekly, Biweekly, Semi-Monthly & Monthly Pay Periods

Determining the ideal time to deliver payroll may sound simple. Cash flow needs, state regulations, overtime rules, and the types of workers or contractors you hire are all accounting factors to consider for your payroll schedule. You need to also take into account what is best for your staff and for your business. Paying too…

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