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We provide a comprehensive range of services in the areas of financial management, operations, risk management, strategy and technology. We offer a customized approach to our services that's based on your needs. Additional business services include: Bookkeeping, CFO Services, Cash Flow Management, Strategic Business Planning, Tax Strategies, and more.


We can assist in managing and minimizing all aspects of our client's tax liability, including, but not limited to, Federal, State and transfer taxes. Advance planning results in substantial benefits and allows time for developing alternative tax strategies. We also provide businesses period-end closing, financial statement preparation and budgeting on scheduled.

How an Accountant Can Help when Selling Your Small Business in Aliante, NV; Valuation, Structure of Sale & More

The decision to sell your business should never be rushed and requires a team of experts working on your behalf to ensure you receive the best outcome. Some of the considerations your team will prioritize for you include making as much profit as possible while saving you money and keeping the transaction as secure and…

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Corporate Credit Card Internal Control Policy Best Practices in West Valley City, UT; Managing Employee Receipts & More

There are many businesses that will provide their employees with a company credit card. There are many reasons behind a company credit card. One example are those who travel on behalf of the company and the credit card is used to cover the traveling expenses. Another common scenario is providing an employee with a gas…

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How to Avoid Common IRS Penalties in Lone Mountain, NV; First Time Penalty Abatement, Reasonable Cause & More

Many business owners often fear and consider the IRS one of the worst government entities they have to deal with. Business owners often work very hard to avoid IRS penalties. However, sometime they still occur. Many business owners are very often surprised to see what can causes IRS penalties. Mecham Dicus & Company will share…

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Are Political Campaign Donations Tax Deductible in North Las Vegas, NV? What are the Contribution Limits & More

It seems like everywhere you turn, there is more campaign propaganda being thrown at you. Many people can’t wait for this election year to come to a close because of all the contentious swinging that is taking place. Others are right in the thick of it and loving every minute of it. Rather than showing…

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Surviving Economic Downturn in Salt Lake City, UT; How an Accountant Can Help You Profit in a Bad Economy

In the current economy, making smart decisions about your daily operations is crucial to the success of your business. Many of these decisions are based on your financials and the accuracy of these numbers gives you the tools you need to increase your profit margins. It is not uncommon for business owners to struggle with…

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Why You Need a Bookkeeper in Summerlin, NV; Business Opportunities, Solution to Record Keeping Problems & More

Pertaining to business, bookkeeping is the art of systematically organizing and recording all financial transactions. To ensure that the relevant financial information is correct, comprehensive and up to date is how this is usually done. At certain stages of their operations, small businesses may need professional bookkeeping services. Where it is encouraged to have a…

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Bank Accounts, Assets & Money the IRS Can’t Touch in Cedar City, UT; Child Support Received, HSA & More

When it comes to paying taxes, many people presume the IRS gets a piece of the pie no matter the circumstances. Though most accept defeat and pay the required amount to the government, there are quite a few circumstances most people do not realize where the IRS has no entitlement to specific incomes. With this…

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Common Payroll Mistakes in Henderson, NV; Software, Employee Attendance Tracker, Deductions & More

Payroll processing and management is one aspect of running a business that can be the most challenging for Human Resources and payroll staff. Payroll management has rules and regulations that are change quite often and will vary from state to state. As the payroll management and process can be one of the more challenging aspects…

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